Bible-God Uses More Lions To Teach People A Lesson

Here is another absurd story concerning lions in the Bible. Of course, you can’t say that the Bible-God didn’t warn them.  It actually says in the Law of Moses:

“If then, you act with hostility against Me and are unwilling to obey Me, I will increase the plague on you seven times according to your sins.  I will let loose among you the beasts of the field, which will bereave you of your children and destroy your cattle and reduce your number so that your roads lie deserted.” (Leviticus 26:21-22, NASB).

For some reason I don’t recall this section of the Bible being used much from the pulpit on Sunday morning.  The idea of a “loving” God sending wild animals to kill your children doesn’t resonate much with Christian parents today.  It’s best just to ignore this part of the Bible if you’re trying to grow a church.  Unfortunately, not only was the warning of children-killing wild beast a threat of the Bible-God, it was a promise that he delivered in 2 Kings 17:24-28.

After the king of Assyria took the Israelites into captivity, he replaced the people with foreigners.  These foreigners did not know how to properly worship the Bible-God.  We’re told, “At the beginning of their living there, they did not fear the Lord; therefore the Lord sent lions among them which killed some of them.” (2 Kings 17:25).  The people sent word to the king of Assyria saying that since they “do not know the custom of the god of the land” (2 Kings 17:26), there was an outbreak of lion attacks on humans.  So a priest in exile who was originally from Bethel came to teach the people how to properly “fear the Lord.” (2 Kings 17:27).  The people continued to worship their idols, but the lions apparently were called off by the Bible-God.

Maybe, just maybe, the lions were attacking the people because they didn’t know how to live around them and they were making themselves vulnerable to attack.  The man from Bethel shows up and teaches them how to make themselves safe from lion attacks, if this story even happened at all.  Either way, it seems silly to suggest that God sent lions to attack the foreigners because they didn’t know how to “fear the Lord.”  But should we really believe that God teaches people how to live, right and wrong, how to worship, by sending lions to attack them?  Why not give us a direct message?  Why not just tell us?  Lion attacks? Really?  This is absurd!

At this point I have to agree with Thomas Paine, who wrote, “Putting aside everything that might excite laughter by its absurdity, or detestation by its profaneness, and confining ourselves merely to an examination of the parts, it is impossible to conceive a story more derogatory to the Almighty, more inconsistent with his wisdom, more contradictory to his power, than this story is.”[1]  These stories and many more are an insult to the God of the universe.  Lions may attack people.  We may learn how to live safely in a world that has lions.  But to suggest that God sends lions to kill people to teach them a lesson is absurd.

[1] Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason.


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