Elisha’s Bones Heal the Dead

Many of the stories of the Bible are completely random.  The writing styles of these so-called inspired-of-God writers are so illogical, that we find them difficult to follow today.  One of these completely random stories about a prophet sounds just like the product of legends.

Elisha was held in high esteem as a prophet.  His name means, “Yahweh is God”.  He was Elijah’s apprentice and apparently learned the trade of a prophet well.  Unlike his mentor, Elijah, who was carried to heaven in a chariot of fire, Elisha died like the rest of us.  But apparently his miraculous power remained in his lifeless bones.  We’re told in a random account:

Elisha died, and they buried him. Now the bands of the Moabites would invade the land in the spring of the year. As they were burying a man, behold, they saw a marauding band; and they cast the man into the grave of Elisha. And when the man touched the bones of Elisha he revived and stood up on his feet. (2 Kings 13:20-21, NASB)

The Moabites were the enemies of Israel.  They were the sons of Lot, Abraham’s nephew, through an incestuous relationship with his daughter in Genesis 19.  In spite of their kinship, they often fought in bloody battles.  But one of these lucky Moabites who died was buried in the right place.  Elisha’s bones caused this Moabite man to come back to life!  What’s the point of this legendary account?  Are we really to believe that this happened?  It’s absurd.  It’s pointless.  It’s nothing but legend, like most of the miraculous accounts in the Bible.


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