The World of God is the Word of God

Is there a creed we all can read?  There is a creed that we all can read.  Its availability is universal.  Unlike the holy books of religions, there is a creed that does not depend on pen and paper.  No one has the power to suppress it.  It contains a universal language that is available and known by all.  How much you learn of it depends on you, not others.  The information in this creed is easily falsifiable; it cannot be forged.  The creed that we all can read is the Universe.  The World of God is the Word of God.  And we will never stop learning about God as we study the world He has made.

As I struggled with problems concerning the Bible, I wondered where I would go from Christianity.  I considered all the so-called “revealed religions,” and they were dubious, too.  But then I realized that I didn’t need to follow the written creed of some other man’s writings, a man I’d never met.  My life was not going to be based on an old book whose original I nor anyone else I know had ever seen.  As Michael Sanger wrote, “You can’t know God that way.  It must come from actual experience.” (The Untethered Soul, 177).  So I decided that I would just believe in God and use my knowledge of the world HE created to learn more about HIM. No man wrote the laws of the universe.  GOD clearly did.  This fact, unlike “revealed religions,” is indisputable.

In the past I’d heard and read and even made criticisms of “Deism”.  However, I’d never read any of their reasons for my self (something I noticed many preachers had failed to do).  After reading the works of Thomas Pain and several modern-day deists, I discovered that the Christian portrayal of deism is wrong.  The arguments against deism from Christian apologists were based on false assumptions and misrepresentations.  The arguments against deism were often dismissive by Christian apologists, but I found the arguments for deism to be very strong and the arguments against deism to be total failures.  I even noticed from my own personal studies inaccuracies about what deists believe (I had been guilty of this, too, at one time).  The more I read the writings of deists, the more I found people who were just like me: former Christians.  And the deists were reasoning, even though I’d never met them or been exposed to them, just like I was reasoning.  It was common sense, logic, the good honest searching that led us to very similar conclusions.

The supposed saving faith of the Christian religion is heavily dependent on man’s ability to read, write, copy, translate, and deliver “God’s word” to poor souls throughout the world who are going to hell.  There are just too many problems with this method for it to be reasonable.  There is, however, a Language that never changes and it never dies.  God’s Universal Laws of Nature are observed and experienced by everyone throughout the world.  His World does not depend on a translator.  Understanding His World, however, takes observation and study, trial and error, as you go through life and apply your mind to understanding it. Even though deists don’t have a book, the world is our book.  The world is obviously authored by God.  So we can study the world and come to know more about God.


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