Absurd-Silly Stories in the Bible

When it comes to Bible stories, there are plenty of good ones.  At any church service you may hear about Moses saving Israel from slavery in Egypt, David defeating giant Goliath, or Daniel in the lion’s den.  People love to hear about the good works and words of Jesus, too; how he healed the sick and fed the hungry and was raised from dead.  But have you ever noticed the completely weird and silly stories in the Bible?  Not the popular stories that are frequently repeated in the pulpit, but the stories that leave you and every Christian alike scratching his or head thinking, “What?!”.  Since most people who claim to be Christians and claim to believe the Bible is the inspired, without error, historically accurate, wise and true word of God, never even read the book much on their own, they don’t know about these stories. Or if they’ve heard these stories before, they scratched their heads for a moment, felt uncomfortable with the story, but quickly moved on and forgot about it.  They never really take time out of their busy lives to deal with the stupidity of the text.  Nothing helped me to disbelieve the Bible more than becoming a full-time preacher.  It gave me time to do a lot of studying and thinking about the Bible.  I especially enjoyed studying things in the Bible that I didn’t hear or read growing up. This time spent in study helped me to see the absurdity of many of the biblical stories.  This page will showcase some of the stories of the Bible that don’t get much attention in church pulpits today.  Guarantee you won’t hear this part of the Bible for next Sunday’s sermon text!